Opel Corsa Pre-facelift (MK1) Models (MY 83 -89)

(these information refer to the models sold in Germany)


From the model year '83 on, the following equipments on 2 different car bodies (3-door  Hatch and 2-door Saloon) were available:

  • Corsa

  • Corsa Luxus

  • Corsa Berlina

  • Corsa SR (only available as a 3-door Hatch)






The different models had the following equipment:




A specific cushion for the Corsa, Luxus and Berlina in 3 different colours (beige, red or green) was available for the interior.

The SR had its own cushion (Daytona check)

Furthermore, vinyl seats were available as an option for the Corsa and Corsa Luxus.




In May 1985, the Corsa range was changed and new versions were introduced:

  • Corsa LS

  • Corsa GL

  • Corsa GLS

  • Corsa GT (only available as a 3-door Hatch)

The 5-door Hatch and the 4-door Saloon were added to the range, so that the following models were available:







The changes in detail

The new equipments in detail


The cushions of the particular equipments:










For the model year 1988, a few visual changes on the front (new bumper and grill) and on the back (handle on the tail gate) were made. Due to a lacking demand, the 2- and 4-door Saloon models were removed from the model range in Germany (still available in other countries). Furthermore the 1.5-Diesel engine, built by Isuzu, was available.




The available equipments were:

  • Corsa Swing (3- and 5-door)

  • Corsa GL (3- and 5-door)

  • Corsa GT (only available as a 3-door)


Details of the new equipments


At the end of September 1987, the new Corsa GSi was introduced. With its 1.6l-injection engine and 100HP, it was now the new top motorization and equipment.



The Corsa GT was removed from the range, the range included now the following models:

  • Corsa Swing (3- and 5-door)

  • Corsa GL (3- and 5-door)

  • Corsa GSi (only available as a 3-door)

Swing cushion



In may 1988, the sport package for the Corsa Swing was introduced (only available for the 3-door).

This package included:

  • Sport seats

  • Alloy wheels 5Jx14 with 165/65-14-78T tyres

  • Sport instruments (with tachometer in the 1.3i-cat model)

  • Sport steering wheel


This sport package was available with all engines, except the 1.6i



The following range was available until the model year 1990:

  • Corsa Swing (3- and 5-door)

  • Corsa GL (3- and 5-door)

  • Corsa Swing with sport package (only available as a 3-door)

  • Corsa GSi (only available as a 3-door)




For the model year 1990, a facelift was done, which included changes on the body and in the interior.