Corsa Sprint Studie

Corsa Cabriolet Prototype

In 1984 GM Spain presented a Corsa Cabriolet prototype.

It was tried to maintain the original form of the car.

The two-layer roof with a plastic back window was designed that it could be folded up behind the rear seats. The interior  did not have to be modified and even the folding back seats remained. Due to the folding roof, the width at the back seats was reduced by a few centimetres. Thus the Cabriolet was also only laid out as 4-seater.


Due to the folding roof, the interior height was reduced by 4cm on the front seats and 8cm on the back seats.

The body was strengthened by reinforcements. In addition a roll-over bar between the B-pillars and a strut brace in the front  were installed. For the better road holding, the suspension of the SR was installed.

Due to the folding roof the trunk lid was modified that it could swing upward

The roof was very easy to handle. Only the assembly of the rear side windows were a little tricky, since these acrylic glass windows had to be put into the seals.

It was planned to build 500 cars. But unfortunately only this prototype was built.