Corsa Sprint Studie

Corsa Sprint


On the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1983 Opel showed the prototype "Corsa Sprint", which was developed in co-operation with Irmscher. This prototype should demonstrate, what was feasible with the Corsa. A Motorsport Corsa was developed in the context of the Group B regulations.


It was planned to do a low volume production of 200 cars if there would be a large interest.

Furthermore a regular production of the body panels was planned.






In the interior the Rally atmosphere dominated: Aluminium roll cage, lightweight construction instrument panel made of aluminium, heat isolation of aluminium foil.

The instruments, which were developed by the Opel Design centre, were installed with quick-locking mechanisms on the instrument panel, so that they could be changed very easy. The speedometer had an analog and a digital display.

Behind the lightweight seats a 80-litre gasoline tank was installed, on which 2 helmets could be put down in formed trays.



The 1,3 litre engine was highly modified, so that nearly an engine output per litre of 100HP was reached


The chassis was dropped by 30mm, Bilstein gas absorber and harder springs were fitted



Group-B-engine, 1.3l, 93kW (126PS)

Racing camshaft

Forged pistons

Racing Exhaust manifold

Lightened crankshaft

Racing exhaust

Larger Valves

2 Two-barrel carburators

Polished ports

Acceleration 0-100km/h: 8.2 s